What We Do

C4 Land Partners is a part of an experienced group of land investors who run successful enterprises around the world. Our business is purchasing unwanted or unused land, and then selling these hidden gems to our eager buyers.

We believe that land ownership is an invaluable tool for building wealth and investing in your future. We are passionate about connecting people with the land and resources that suit their stages in life.

Our team here at C4 Land Partners is passionate about the work incredible non-profit organizations are doing to help people in need in our local communities and around the world. This is why we donate 5% of every sale to the charities listed below:

  • The Polaris Project: Human trafficking is a serious problem around the world and affects millions of people each year. The Polaris Project works to fight against human trafficking in the US and abroad by collecting data, providing education, and impacting policies regarding trafficking.
  • VETSolutions.org: In the United States, 16.8 veterans die from suicide every day. VETS is the leading organization focused on ending the veteran suicide epidemic and addressing traumatic brain injury (TBI) with psychedelic therapy.
  • GuardianSaga.org: Empowering youth and supporting indigenous communities worldwide
  • National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center: Indigenous women and girls in the US experience violence at far greater rates than that of the general population. The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is fighting to end violence towards indigenous women and girls by educating their communities and providing them with the tools to advocate for themselves.